Voronezh State University Publishing office was founded in 1958 by order of the Minister of Higher Education of the USSR so as to start publishing scientific and educational materials. At first the University didn’t have any printing facilities and only in 1969 it received the printing works from Voronezsky regional ispolkom by resolution of Council of Ministers of the RSFSR. The publishing office and the printing works of Voronezh State University had remained autonomous until October 30, 2013, when they merged into Voronezh State University Publishing House by order of Rector. Today the objectives of Voronezh State University Publishing House are as follows:

  • to supply the multilevel educational process with course books, study guides and reference materials;
  • to release books and booklets related to scientific research, information and public awareness activities;
  • to support Scientific Journals, including the Series of “Proceedings of Voronezh State University”, Periodicals, Conference Materials and Proceedings; edited volumes, collected works and digests.

The qualified staff and modern printing equipment enable the Publishing House to reach these objectives efficiently and effectively.

The Publishing House provides a variety of course books, study guides and reference materials for different categories of students. Scientific literature is dedicated to almost all fields of science and humanities. The VSU Publishing House publishes the scientific proceeding collections and periodic journals, including series of the “Proceedings of Voronezh State University”.

The team of contributors incorporates not only the leading scholars of Voronezh State University, recognized in Russia and abroad, but also authors from other places of Russia, the former Soviet Union and oversees.

Over the semicentennial, more than three thousand titles of books were published by Voronezh State University Publishing House, some of which were recognized not only locally, but countrywide.

The produce of Voronezh State University Publishing House has been exhibited at book fair events in Moscow and all over the country, has participated in all-Soviet Union and all Russia book contests including “The Best Books of the Year”. From 2000 to 2014, the books published by Voronezh State University Publishing House repeatedly became awardees and honorees of all Russia book contest “University Book”.

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